Series Recap: Overachievers Episode 6-10 (TVB, 2014)



In week 2 of Overachievers, we can already see the drama escalating to new heights. I was surprised to see there was a one year skip. During that year, Wayne left Hong Kong after his company failed and went bankrupt, Raymond Wong betrayed his best friend for money by selling Wayne out to his over-ambitious father, Power and Wayne became good friends, Nancy let go of Raymond (with the possibility of developing a story with Power in the future perhaps), Elliot added a new mistress and baby daughter to his family, Susanna is pretending to be on good terms with the new mistress, Raymond Cho learns that he is only a puppet in the family, and Edwin thinks of Grace as his new goddess. After the one year skip, the series also introduced two new characters, which are played by Maggie Shiu, who is supposedly a long-time friend of Wayne, and Fred Cheng, who plays Maggie’s autistic son.

Despite all this happening, I still feel that the plot is lackluster and stereotypical of a TVB wealthy family kind of drama. It’s made up of their top-notch artists, but one of the few things that I enjoy about the show are the beautiful Hong Kong buildings from their restaurants’ rooftop views. Even though I know better than to compare it to Come On, Cousin, which is another genre, but much more entertaining on every level (from comedy to drama to plot). Cousin has the elements for a series to be multi-dimensional aside from the fact that actors enjoyed immense popularity following Inbound Troubles. Overachievers, on the other hand, relies on its actors to lift the plot and it seems to have brought sub-stories from Heart of Greed and similar caliber shows to move the plot forward. The difference between the two? Cousin isn’t afraid to use Heart’s theme music to poke fun of what’s happening to their characters – and they do it well.

I’m guessing the writers wanted to replicate Wayne and Power’s interactions to some degree from the ancient version. They really have excellent chemistry even when I don’t remember how they always ended up together. Power, who was supposedly on bad terms with Wayne in the first few episodes, turned out to be more loyal than Raymond, who was supposedly his best friend. Talk about life being ironic.

No doubt Raymond Wong looks more suave in here than in many other series he’s been in, but his attraction ends there. His character continues to be baffling, not necessarily in a mysterious and captivating way let me tell you. Letting go of the fact that he betrayed Wayne twice, the second time which was enough for the company to declare bankruptcy, his love life is just as complicated as his professional life. It was revealed that Nancy was suffering depression from Raymond’s lukewarm attitude and indecision of where to take their relationship. I initially enjoyed their friendship, but that was before their unhealthy relationship was revealed. I’m glad the writers ended things with them in the latest episode since it seems like they wanted to ship Raymond and Grace as a couple at the end. Also, Power’s humorous nature seems to be a better complement for Nancy’s uptight and reserved personality. For instance, Power claims he doesn’t know his way to the airport and even with a GPS, he ended up at Disneyland. The two ended up having a silly night and they even celebrated the end of Nancy and Raymond’s relationship with fireworks.

I don’t have much hopes for the remainder for the series, but I didn’t have any to begin with either. I can see a happy ending coming one way or another.


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