Series Recap: Overachievers Episode 1-5 (TVB, 2014)


I must say after finishing the first five episodes of Overachievers, I’m slightly disappointed with the family-oriented nature of the story. But hey, it’s TVB so that can only be expected. I would much rather it focus on the brothers, friends, and the business itself. Having Elliot and Susanna in the picture screams a patriarchal family and drama in one form or another. On the positive end of the spectrum, we can sense that TVB doesn’t spend much time hitting around the bush, but just dive right into the drama.

We are use to seeing Wayne as the good-natured, righteous, and other times outspoken man in his roles. This time he is still the same, but with an extra twist. His righteousness takes him to the level of a rebellious son. It took me a few episodes to get use to him, but he is an adaptable and stubborn man. On a more humorous note, I have to keep reminding myself that the tie he wears here is not the same one he wore as a chauffeur in Rear Mirror.

Contrary to his “good boy” image, Raymond Wong seems to be a controversial character, maybe even develop into a semi-villain later. He already proved his differences with Wayne early on that he cares more about cash flows than about ethics. I was a little surprised that Wayne forgave him the next day without consequences, but also relieved that they were still friends. It’s definitely a new side we see of him, especially since the guy also seems to have some detachment issues with ladies, or is it just with Nancy?

Nancy is the right-hand woman of Wayne and potential love interest of Raymond. Her independent character makes her much likable and she finally gets the chance to be more of a businesswoman and less of a housewife. Finally gone for a while is Nancy’s auntie image although I’m already slightly annoyed at Raymond’s lukewarm attitude towards her.

Power is Wayne’s uncle. Just by looking at age, you can’t tell right? Their relationship is very dynamic because they definitely have their differences, but they can be entertaining at times. One minute they can be arguing about who knows what, the next they can unite to fight to protect their family.

Well, it is also a first to see Edwin as a lazy, gambling addict. He didn’t make an impression on me in his first few scenes, but I grew to like his street smarts, athletic scenes, and his dynamic relationship with Wayne. He seems to create the most humor out of all the guys.

Not much has been revealed about Jason, but he’s more likable and handsome here.

Raymond Cho is the simple-minded brother and maybe even the father’s chess piece. I still think the guy is losing charm as he ages. Not that he ages poorly, but the fact that his acting has plateaued through the years.

Yoyo still looks as fit as ever. She looks more attractive with her super sexy long hair and doesn’t seem to have aged a day since the day she started out. I wonder if she will play a bigger role later.

We can really tell that TVB made sure Grace Chan had ample time for viewers to notice her in the first episode. From the welcome home band the brothers formed to the garden selfie, although for the latter, I can’t tell if TVB was trying to promote her or the smartphone, lol. That said, Grace is a decent newcomer with a load of enthusiasm. I can see that she has more determination and potential than Gloria Tang (think The Ultimate Addiction). She can improve on pronouncing her lines more precisely.

83AC48CD-105D-4222-9C77-D3F2F8CB022CSisley Choi made her debut as a boxing master and owner. With her athletic background, it seems like TVB tailored this role to her as well. Her debut scene was a little inconsistent for me. She delivered overall, but I personally found the boxing match between her and Edwin to be too much in her favor. Sisley’s short haircut looks adorable and youthful on her!

At this point, I’m not interested in the business aspect of it, but it definitely seems more promising than Ultimate Addiction. If anything, I’m watching for the young actors and hopefully, they develop some good chemistry. For an anniversary series, it doesn’t put me at the edge of my seat.


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