Red Carpet: TVB Sales Presentation 2015

Here are a partial list of the TVB artists who attended the Sales Presentation for 2015. Other artists such as Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Wayne Lai, etc. appeared in costume for the dramas they’re promoting.

Nancy Wu, Elaine Yiu, Myolie Wu, Mandy Wong


I thought I’ll start of this post with these four gorgeous ladies. Their friendship is like no other for me in TVB.

We can’t go wrong in black and although I adore Nancy and she looks sharp in the bun updo and red lipstick, I’m not a huge fan of her plunging neckline dress. The top is too revealing and the bottom is too conservative. Those platform chunky heels also aren’t my cup of tea.

Although simple, Elaine probably had one of my favorite outfits of that night. The black and white combination is sleek and shows off her slim figure with the leg slit. The halter top is better without the stomach cutout, but hey, cutouts have been been in for a few seasons now. She looks mature with the short bob and red lip.

I cannot tell whether Myolie’s outfit is a jumpsuit or a dress, but I’m assuming it’s the former. The simple cut looks great on her. Mandy also opted for a safe little black dress and she looks as cute as ever in her short hair (never grow it out again!), but again, I’m not a fan of chunky heels.

Kate Tsui, Elena Kong, Tracy Chu


I love white lace, but sorry, I’m not a fan of Kate’s dress. The off shoulder is sexy at first and gives an English feel for me, but the lace ruffles at the bottom simply looks outdated.

Elena surprised me a little with her bra-revealing chiffon top, but her ensemble wasn’t bad.

Was Tracy opting for a wedding look? The cut of the top half is fine, but the bottom half is a little weird.

Jacqueline Wong and Kenneth Ma


Jacquline’s majenta dress looks plain, but fabulous on her. She can spice it up with a simple necklace perhaps, but the cleavage makes the dress appear more alive, hehe.

Kenneth opted for a typical well-cut black suit. A simple suit for a simple man. Did these two have rumors earlier?

Lin Xia Wei 


You know I’m going to say no to those platform heels by now, but she looks cute in that dress. It’s something I would wear for a spring or summer event though.

Leanne Li, Oceane Zhu, Christine Kuo, Kayi Cheung


Leanne’s cape-inspired dress is tad bit daring for her usual style. I like her outfit and the sleek silver belt makes a great match for the navy, but still wish she chose something age appropriate.

Oceane looks like she’s drowning in pink fabric, but she looks like a Greek goddess. Not a fan of the drapes as it’s not figure-flattering, but she looks awesome. Why haven’t we seen her in dramas this year?

After slimming down, Christine looks amazing once again. Although she’s a little too voluptuous on the top, the colors of her dress looks pretty on her. I love her hair the most!

Kayi’s tube top looks fine, but once again, the ruffles are too much for me.

Tracy Ip and Sharon Chan


The colors of Tracy’s dress are a little tricky because it’s too nude. The corset top looks nice, but I can’t see her waist among all that flowing chiffon fabric.

Thanks to Sharon’s height, she looks fine in the lace dress. I’m more interested in her jewels though, hehe.

Ben Wong and Alice Chan


Ben’s black rock ensemble reminds me of all the cop roles that he plays, lol.

Alice looks so youthful and elegant in her peach-colored chiffon dress. Another favorite of mine from that evening.

Eliza Sam, Linda Chung, Grace Wong


Eliza’s mint chiffon dress is her usual princess style dress. She looks as sweet as ever.

Linda’ black outfit and two-toned booties aren’t exactly what I would expect from her. A little more tough and not exactly Sales Presentation event-friendly is how I would describe it.

There is simply too much going on in Grace’s outfit. I’m not a fan from head to toe. The gold cross earrings are too showy and her hair is too messy.

Sammy Shum and Lily Ho


I’m a huge fan of Sammy’s after Line Walker aired this year, but his outfit is very grandpa, sorry.

There is too much black this year and Lily should really play up her youth with brighter colors or go for something more edgy. While the corset is flattering, the bottom takes up too much space. The dress also looks like it’s from a couple years ago.

Roxanne Tong


Roxanne is such a sweetheart in Come Home Love. The dress looks simple, but flattering on her.

Natalie Tong, Edwin Siu, Toby Chan


Natalie’s dress is probably the most interesting I’ve seen for this event. While I love the back cutouts, but I’m not digging the below-the-knee length. The red heels are also too much and maybe even, too vintage for my style.

Never been a fan of colored suits, unless it’s navy or a dark gray. Sometimes it’s better to go safe than to go home. Sorry, Edwin.

Toby has a figure-flattering dress that complemented her body well. The gold strappy heels peeking through her leg slit are very sexy as well. She should get a new hairstylist however. Those bangs are not the deal.

Joel Chan and Grace Chan


Not siblings by any chance even though they share the same last name, I’m really not digging Joel’s taste in clothes. Although the muted pink is something Grace would wear, something feels odd about a dress that flares out, once on the waist, and another, on the legs, lol.

Kelly Cheung, Sarah Song, Samantha Ko, Jess Shum, Priscilla Wong, Selena Li



Kelly’s muted dress is a nice fit on her, although the flare seems to take up too much space.

I like the top part of Sarah’s dress, but the red lace and the pleats somehow just doesn’t look matching IMO. Red dress and gold heels, sharp colors for a normally low-profile artist.

Samantha looks brilliant in her hourglass shape, but isn’t the statement necklace too much?

Jess’s dress seems like another one pulled out of the TVB wardrobe.

Priscilla looks beautiful and bright in that shade of purple.

Selena looks adorable in her ostrich-inspired dress.

With the exception of Sarah’s, the style of these dresses are too princess-like or prom-like.

Rebecca Zhu

794C9521-3FA1-43F0-A207-C09A58DDA9E5Rebecca looks confident in her pose, but her dress is conventional plus more. It gives me a spooky feeling, lol.

Katy Kung and Maggie Shiu


Saved the worst dressed for last.


NOTABLE FAVORITES: Elaine Yiu, Jacquline Wong, Selena Li

WORST DRESSED: Maggie Shiu, Grace Wong


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