Review: Missing You (TVB, 2012)


Missing You (幸福摩天輪)
Genre: Modern Drama
Length: 20 episodes
Producer: Fong Chun-Chiu

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5 stars

The Cast

Jason Chan as Sze Yik-Him aka “Sze Hing”
Linda Chung as Hong Yu-Fung
Cilla Kung as Crystal
Calvin Chan as Yeung Chi-Kei
Lin Xia Wei as Vincci

and Ram Chiang, Rosanne Lui, Patrick Dunn, Cheung Kwok Keung, Bryan Chu, Matt Yeung, Mary Hon, etc.

The Review

No doubt, this is probably one of the TVB’s lowest productions in years. Don’t get that mixed up with crappiest, but from seeing the number of artists and some redundant stories here, we might wonder how it got passed through TVB management and began it’s filming process.

Most of TVB’s cop and law series nowadays are procedural dramas, going from one case to another. This series is not exception except it’s not a cop or law drama and therefore, lacks that adrenaline rush we get from inspectors and sergeants solving crimes and lawyers fighting for justice. Yan Ming Federation helps people reunite with their long-lost family members. Even though the Jason and Linda duo helped reunited several family, the series seemed to lose its momentum half in way through. The reunification of the lost brothers Elliot and Lau Kong proved a touching premiere episode for the series. The case with Helena’s unconditional sacrifices for her siblings were exceptionally sad and heart-warming at the same time. I admit, I cried a few times because of this. Finally, Lee Sing Cheung’s hunt for her sister had some twists, but Helen’s revenge on him was a bit weird. And the happenings after that were forgettable and failed to produce sentiment. The saddest part is when our protagonist finds out who his biological father is, but the side stories end up arousing more sympathy.

I cannot finish the review without commenting on how Mary Hon end up being the same mother looking for his long-lost son in both Missing You and Friendly Fire, which aired during the same time. The ridiculously hilarious part of this is that she came looking for Sammy Leung (in Friendly Fire) in one episode and she came looking for Jason in Missing You’s episode the next night. Was I the only one who got confused? I thought you found your son already! It seems like TVB’s artist drainage issue is even greater now. Not to mention how creative you guys are with your story line.

Characters and Performances

First time being the lead actor, the Jason who was excepted to be a heartthrob was not really successful. At being the heartthrob, I mean. All can be said is that he has a pretty long way to go. Since Missing You was similar to a sitcom in 20 episodes, it was bearable seeing him as the all around nice guy.

Linda never fails as the nice “girl next door” and thats probably the reason she fails as an actress. Just kidding. That was a compliment, by the way. She was the one who carried the whole series by herself. I just want to see her play more diverse characters.

Cilla improved heaps and I believe she was my favorite female here. It’s nice to finally see her as first supporting and she proves that she can handle it. Although most of her characters share similar characteristics, I liked the mixed of her spoiled-ness, spunkiness, and cuteness. My only complaint is her wardrobe. Clown much?

I can’t remember having seen Calvin in another series. He’s cute, but rather plain-looking and forgettable. He complemented Cilla very well.

This is my second impression of Lin Xiawei. She fares acceptable as a supporting actress, but still has a long way to go. She seems to try hard during her emotional scenes, but it comes out as if something is stuck in her throat. Her wardrobe was eye-catching, however.

Overall Evaluation

The problem with procedural dramas is that it’s main story is usually lacking although it’s cases may be good. Here, we have a good beginning and at least three good cases as mentioned previously. However, when the time came to crack Jason’s case, I was rather indifferent and disappointing. This story had a very simple premise and story and I feel like young teenagers may like it.

If you’re looking for something with exceptional acting, this is certainly not the one. It averages out to having one of the weakest casts for recent TVB dramas.


You’re not missing much if you skipped out on this one.


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