Review: Witness Insecurity (TVB, 2012)

Witness Insecurity (護花危情)
Genre: Modern Drama, Romance
Length: 20 episodes
Producer: Lau Ka Ho

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The Cast

Bosco Wong as Hui Wai-Sum aka “Hui Sir”
Linda Chung as Kiu Chi-Lam aka Hailey
Paul Chun as Kiu Kong San, Hailey’s father
Ram Tseung as Kiu Kong Ho, Hailey’s uncle
Cilla Kung as Jojo, Sum’s cousin
Queenie Chu as Kelly, Hailey’s psychiatrist
Eric Lee as Shawn
Lee Kwok Lun as Sapura

and Ronald Law, Lee Yee Man, Jonathan Cheung, Law Lok Lam, Rachel Kan, etc.

The Review

This is by no means a cop drama. Don’t be fooled by the many action scenes and stunts delivered by our beloved Bosco in the first four or so episodes. After episode seven, I can almost accurately say that Producer Lau Ka Ho settles in for another family drama. For the remaining episodes, we get a Linda who is gradually improving from depression fall for our protagonist, Bosco, who is a quiet workaholic. Paul who plays a wealthy businessman as well as Linda’s father is soon to be discovered with a shady past.

Bosco plays the male protagonist as well as the classic hero who rescues the damsel in distress. Having experienced an orphaned-childhood, though he has a quiet personality, he is an extremely hardworking police officer. Though I adore Bosco’s sunshine side, it’s refreshing to see his serious side. Bosco’s fangirls will definitely like “Hui Sir” regardless of how much critic’s say that his character is recycled.

Unfortunately, I cannot say with the upmost certainty that our “princess” is as adorable as our “prince.” Particularly in the initial episodes where Linda’s attitude was “close the gate and release the dog” on everyone, I’m pretty sure everyone was annoyed by her depression. It’s not her fault, of course, but that doesn’t mean Hailey was pleasant to watch either.

For a veteran, Paul delivered as usual. I enjoyed watching him immensely in the past, particularly in The Family Man. His presence in dramas is welcomed backed although his aging is quite apparent as well.

My favorite character and the actor who performed his best was no other than Ram who played Hailey’s uncle and Paul’s brother. Compared to his uptight, careful, and strict brother, Ram is carefree, knows how to enjoy life and have fun, and is friendly towards pretty much everyone. His chill personality is certainly one of the highlights of the series and he exemplifies a wealthy businessman who knows how to have relax and have fun.

The petite Cilla has also improved heaps over the last few years. She has become very natural in delivering her lines and I daresay, she was more pleasant to watch than Linda in this one. With TVB’s massive artist drainage and being a nominee for the Most Improved Female in 2011, Cilla is for sure to have more acting opportunities in the future. However, her height may prevent her from diversifying her roles from playing the lead’s little sister.

The Ending

It’s one of those types of ending where Heart of Greed’s Alfred (Raymond Lam) injuries himself in car crash and instead of running to the hospital, runs to the closest telephone station and calls Sheung Joi-Sum (Linda Chung) meets Bottled Passion‘s Tung Boon-Sin who (Raymond Wong) crawls to a boat and dies by the river to avoid Tsui Sum (Niki Chow). It’s one of those endings where you scratch your right brain trying to understand the lead character’s logic and why he didn’t run to the closest hospital immediately. And then scratch your left brain when none of the police officers stopped him from getting on his motorcycle and driving away. Seriously, the HK police was slacking off when they believed that a human who was just hit by a car and made a 360 degrees spin in the air can still drive with precautions. And now you can scratch your forehead (if you wish) because when Linda saw Bosco, she cuddled him in her arms instead of calling for an ambulance immediately. But I thought Hailey loved “Hui Sir”… lol.

Overall Appraisal

What is expected of an idol drama? Romanticism? This series didn’t have much of it considering Hailey single-heartedly declared her love for “Hui Sir”, but other than “protecting” her as a duty of WPU, he didn’t sacrifice much. Furthermore, there was barely any screen time between the couple since the father excelled at keeping them apart.

Personally, I enjoyed Paul, Ram, and Lee Kwok-Lun’s subplot and their previous kidnapping case more than the romantic (or not) aspect of the drama. The veterans also delivered more impressive and solid performances.

The Verdict

If you are a fan of Bosco, you’ll like this one. Linda fans, on the other hand, may or may not like it. If you’re a fan of neither, you’re not missing out much by skipping it.


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