Review: Let It Be Love (TVB, 2012)

Let It Be Love (4 in Love)
Genre: Modern Romance
Length: 20 episodes
Producer: Jonathan Chik

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

The Cast

Moses Chan as Yu Chun Dong
Charmaine Sheh as Chloe
Kenny Wong as Cyrus
Elvina Wong as Kelly
King Kong as Nick
Rachel Kan as Hayley
Wai Ka Hung as Chung Bing Leung
Tracy Ip as Elsa

and Florence Kwok, Stephen Huynh, Lau Don, Mary Hon, Queenie Chu, Patrick Dunn, Becky Lee, Janet Chow, etc.

Synopsis in Brief

A series of odd interactions and relationships develop from eight people from different backgrounds, with different values, has different physical attributes.

The Four Pairs (and Casting)

Of the four pairs, Moses and Charmaine were the two that I didn’t care for much besides Kenny and Elvina. In fact, I was way more interested in Florence’s desperateness in separating the two? Did the series even mention why? Did I miss it? Somehow, I feel that if money is her main motivator, I’m not fully convinced.

Besides the regulars Charmaine, Moses, and Kenny (Can you believe that we will have to see the latter two team up again in War and Beauty II?), the rest of the main cast are pretty new to Producer Chik’s team and I’m glad to see some new faces and new interactions, particularly King Kong, who rarely gets professional roles and one night stand partners, and Rachel, who surprisingly has humorous chemistry with her co-star. Rachel has always been a decent actress with a lack of opportunities and luck in the industry (although I can’t stand her sharp voice every now and then) and coupled with her straightforward lines like, “Look at you! Look at you! I’m trying to be serious with you now and you’re trying to come up with pickup lines in your head on how to woo me into bed with you…” are simply LMAO-worthy.

Normally, I wouldn’t find the couple Ka-Hung and Tracy cute, but they were indeed simple and sweet, making it difficult to not like or care for them. While they were new cast members, their casting was probably more based on their physical appearances (i.e., Tracy who was previously a model and Ka-Hung for his short stature) more than their chemistry and suitability for their roles. Ka-Hung seemed more than appropriate to play the honest, upright, and shy Tobacco Control Inspector. Tracy, on the other hand, remained wooden in many of her scenes as if she wanted to be out of the studio as soon as the director called cut. In fact, I believe her soul was out already. Only the body remained. Besides, Tracy seems too pretty to like Ka-Hung although their chemistry was based on their emotional connection and never on physical attraction. That, I know and understand. Yet I can’t get pass the idea that realistically, we usually get what we have/give. That is the norm, though not the rule. Now, I just can’t get through the fact that Tracy never thought once that someone like Stephen may be more suitable for her. Perhaps because she did give him a chance to impress her and she called the break up, she knows what she wants more than I do.

The Web of Complicated Relations

Many TVB dramas are very straightforward since they’re oriented for family viewership. Their relationships are usually laid out on the table for everyone to see and we hardly get any of this playing poker type of relationships where the connections to one another are implicit and there is little to no relationship between the entire cast besides the romantically-linked couples. In other words, here, not everyone is a family, not everyone are siblings, or even friends.

In terms of the relations of all the characters, the producer must have wanted us to put the pieces of the puzzle together to find out how the story actual ties in together. Well, here is my take at it. Here goes…

Apparently, Lau Don (Don) is the owner of the electric appliances company in Mongkok; he is Moses’ boss and Mary’s secret lover while she has a stubborn daughter named Rachel who is King Kong’s one-night stand partner and prosecution lawyer. King Kong, is of course, friends with Stephen who works for the devil, Florence (who is the manager and older cousin of Charmaine) and has previously dated Tracy, who only has an underlying connection with the short one, Ka-Hung, who previously proposed to Becky, who only wished to be Kenny’s girlfriend if only he had proposed earlier. Kenny who thought he could have gotten together with his ex, Queenie, finds himself the third party in his best friend’s ten year marriage with his wife, not because the woman loves him nor because he loves the woman, but because the man wasn’t sure of his sexual orientation before he got married and is now jealous because Kenny got back together with his ex. How ridiculous? I know, but we’re not done yet. Let’s wrap this up. The woman and the female victim in this emotionally torn marriage happens to be the daughter of Don even though they aren’t really on good terms with one another. This brings us back to the beginning.

That was an interesting web of connections.

Favorite Scenes

When the UFO stroke, all of Florence’s subordinates scattered into the elevator. Moses came to Charmaine’s rescue and as they were sorting out all their problems, she yelled, “Shut up! Or else I’m going to fire you all!” It was rare to see her not plot against her cousin.

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Rachel Poon decided to change out of her office lady attire into her usual jeans and hoodie. It is because she wants to be herself again and doesn’t care what others think of her.

Overall Appraisal

The format of Chik’s series surprises us nowadays. While it takes twice the patience (if not more), close observation and paying attention to know what’s really happening, he always has something new to offer. Although I pay not understand all the plot devices that he uses and he does confuse me with some of the subtlety, that challenge is also the reason it keeps me watching. His series isn’t about what’s going to happen next (most TVB series nowadays are quite predictable we know that), but always immerses within its script some social commentary and necessary narration.

On the side, the choice of background songs were nice. I especially enjoyed listening to Top of the World, which was the song played during Ka Hung and Tracy’s romance, tehee!

Final Verdict

Yes, but I feel like it will either be a hit or a miss.


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