Review: Miss Chinese International Pageant 2012 Winners!

Cheryl Wee, Kelly Cheung, and Lenna Lim (from left to right)

Winners and Side Awards!

Champion: #12 Kelly Cheung Hei-Man (張曦雯)
First Runner-up: #9 Cheryl Wee Xin-Hiu (黃馨慧)
Second Runner-up: #5 Lenna Lim Jia-Bing (林家冰)

Miss Asia-Pacific Glamour Award: #5 Lenna Lim
Miss Euro-America Vitality Award: #15 Jasmine Rose Hayter (海莉鈴)
Miss Greater China Elegance Award: #26 Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗)
Miss Friendship Award: #17 Ashton Hong (洪美珊)
Miss Cosmopolitan Award: #5 Lenna Lim

Other Appearances

Masters of Ceremonies: Eric Tsang, Astrid Chan, Au-yeung Jin, Jason Chan, Sammy Leung
Panel of Judges: Michael Tse, Myolie Wu, Angela Leung On-Kei, Eleanor Kwok (BBS), Dominic Lam (Professor)
Guest Stars: Raymond Lam, Hacken Lee, Mag Lam

Wisdom of the Night

I told them not to be nervous because there can only be two outcomes. You either win or lose. If you are thinking of winning and will win, why be nervous? And if you know you’ll lose, relax, since it wouldn’t change the results anyway. — Eric Tsang

Introduction and Atmosphere

Just like very other year, the show begins with the twenty-eight contestants cat-walking across the stage in a graceful manner, introducing themselves to the audience and panel of judges. This year they were especially escorted by Mr. Dream Man, Raymond Lam, and his award-winning Chok song.

Compared to the vitality of the dancers, music, lighting, and theme of the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, I’ve always seen this show as more mellow with more natural beauties since they were previously title holders in their own home towns.

Commentary on the 28 Contestants 

Rebecca Zhu in the photo

With so many unqualified contestants, particularly those who only spoke Mandarin from the Greater China region, this segment was relatively lame as the contestants who stood out in physical appearance like New York’s Jasmine Hayter, spoke decent Cantonese like Rebecca Zhu, and had a great amount of vitality and confidence like Lenna Lim were likely to make the cut off mark and make it into top ten.

Surprisingly, with her dashing smile, Hilary performed mediocrely with a lacking spirit and failed to make it into the next round. Hailing from Canada, the country with the highest number of previous title holders in the MCI Pageant, it was unexpectedly a slap in the face that not only did they not make the cut off for Top Ten, but also failed to cross the finish the line. That said, Miss Bangkok (aka Miss Scatterbrain was suppose to be comedic with her Sa-wah-de-kah’s, right?) and Miss Melbourne (Aliya) who were running from behind caught up quickly and made Top Ten.

Anyway, moving on, even though I was certain that Miss Scatterbrain was not even going to make Top Twenty-Seven with her stuttering lines and influent Cantonese, the judging panel thought differently than I, apparently. Miss Manilia spoke smooth English, but we’re in Hong Kong and Cantonese is the main language. Miss Singapore spoke amazing Mandarin, but we’re still in Hong Kong and Cantonese is still the main dialect. Now the other joke besides Miss Scatterbrain is Miss Montreal who reminds me of my father and couldn’t seem to ooze anything out of her mouth. I was already slowing down my pace, waiting for her to find the right words, but by the time she got to the end, I forgot what she meant to say in the beginning. Miss Dalian really reminds me of former TVB actress Cutie Mui (She’s a hilarious actress, by the way!), but her dance moves coupled with her smile ran shivers up my spine.

Really, when TVB said they wanted to boost Rebecca’s career, they meant serious business. Many of the Greater China representatives were Cantonese dummies and perhaps not as favored by the Hong Kong audience, making Rebecca the only proper candidate to win the Miss Greater China Elegance Award and not make the award appear to be a joke. If placed with the other contestants, Lenna and Jasmine, Rebecca appears to be the weakest of the three. Lenna has vitality and young spirit while Jasmine as height and elegance, but surrounding the “green leaves”, of course, she was the “peony.” 🙂

Top Ten: The Q&A Segment

Kelly Cheung in swimsuit

The contestants who made Top Ten were:

#12 Roro Chan (London)
#11 Kelly Cheung (Chicago)
#26 Rebecca Zhu (Hong Kong)
#3 Biliya (Bangkok)
#7 Aliya Fan (Melbourne)
#5 Lenna Lim (Kuala Lumpur)
#9 Cheryl Hiu (Singapore)
#1 Bianca Lam (Aukland)
#25 Maggie Yu (Dalian)
#15 Jasmine Rose (New York)

Really, this year’s MCI Pageant only had, or should only have had ten contestants to save both the uploader and downloader’s time as well as webspace. Despite my high-speed Internet, I still had to make a run to the supermarket to kill off time while I wait for the show to finish downloading just to avoid myself from seeing the results on Weibo. In other words, the first half of the show was merely a joke. The most memorable part of the show was the Q&A segment with the contestants each having the opportunity to choose which question they wanted to answer. Perhaps half way through the show, even TVB was afraid that Jason Chan was doing a nervous job hosting in the backstage and sent Savior Sammy to the scene to rescue the girls. And wow, did they improve!

As much as I adore Lenna, Miss Singapore appeared to have the most vitality during this segment. Amazing, since I couldn’t even fully comprehend what she was saying, right? Perhaps that’s the reason she made Top Three, even outshining Miss Favored (aka Miss Hong Kong) and Miss New York, who is a mixed Euro-Asian beauty with height and body. It’s true that Cheryl appears to have a passion for the industry more so than the others, however. But will her Mandarin serve as a hinderance?

Top Three: The Moment of the Evening!

I don’t know if I like TVB’s style of announcing Top Three instead of the traditional Top Five, but it was fun to see that the judges Angela Leung and Myolie Wu played along with the MCs to create greater suspense by supporting Miss Singapore and the final vote came from no other than the Laughing Gor, Michael Tse. To create even more entertainment, he even (pretended to) flipped a coin to decide on the winner, causing neighbor Myolie to crack up in applause.

I personally can’t disagree with the results although Miss NY and a few others were more outstanding in looks and height than Miss Singapore, but her performance during the Q&A segment really surprised me. I really wished Miss Lenna was placed higher, but there was nothing new in her performance that I haven’t seen from her before. It’s an expectations issue here, of course. Although I feel that Miss Chicago was a bit overrated, still, she is tall, appears graceful before the camera, and is well-rounded (but she wasn’t outstanding in any particular segment).

Was it a surprise that Rebecca Zhu didn’t place? Perhaps the results for the MCI Pageant isn’t curved after all, but Rebecca wasn’t the brightest star that evening either. In fact, she can have a more natural smile, one that does not appear to show that she is always nervous. Taking home two side awards other than the title of Second Runner-up that evening, I was surprised that Lenna’s overall points weren’t higher. She also appears like she owns the cameras, acknowledging how to smile at different angles to produce a good effect. Her only shortcoming is that she can gain more weight as her arms were bordering skeleton-thin.

Jue: Congratulations to all the winners!


2 thoughts on “Review: Miss Chinese International Pageant 2012 Winners!

  1. I think Miss Singapore is really outstanding despite her height. She is one of the best looking and talented contestants, and really stands out.


  2. Miss Singapore is a pretty Asian woman, and is lovelier than some of the contestants that may be taller than her, shorter or close to the same height.


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