TV Fashion: How to Dress Like Charmaine Sheh in “When Heaven Burns”

Despite starring many A-listers such as Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Moses Chan (陳豪), and Bowie Lam (林保怡), TVB’s When Heaven Burns has been dropping in the ratings department, in which the highest episode was its premiere episode with an average of 29 points. Despite its continuous low ratings in subsequent weeks (with an average of only 23 points in its third and fourth week), ratings aside, Charmaine Sheh’s rocker chic wardrobe is definitely something to die for among fashionistas who are searching for an added edge to rock and express that inner personality!

Let’s take a look at what constitutes Yip Chi Yan’s (aka Hazel) wardrobe, shall we?


Every now and then Hazel is spotted in an outfit with studs as decorations. While studs are hardly feminine, a few studs here and there brings out her character just the way she’s suppose to: rebellious, hard-headed, cool, and strong.

Dark Colors

The softest and lightest color we will ever see Hazel in is probably a light gray. She is all about black, black, and more black. From leather jackets to bleached denim jackets to harem pants to over-the-knee boots and back to her tote bag, she is all about black.

However, to balance out the idea that “all black can be boring” philosophy, the texture, fabric, and pattern in each piece she wears is different, allowing ordinary pieces to become extraordinary. Instead of wearing plain black jeggings, why not go for comfortable, runway model harem pants?

Bleached Denim/Leather Jacket

Hazel’s wardrobe has several different style of leather jackets although they are all black, of course. Leather jackets are perhaps the easiest way to be instantly trendy as many people can afford to just buy a non-designer, knockoff piece for an inexpensive price.

And of course, a black bleached denim jacket is another favorite of Hazel’s, don’t forget!

Harem Pants

This is one trend that I haven’t seen many Asians (and not even many Americans) celebrities wear, but harem pants are another staple in her wardrobe. Loose at the butt, but tight at the ankles, harem pants appear to be very comfortable as it reminds me of a combination of sweatpants and leggings. Curious, how many of you have worn a pair of harem pants? Like it?

Mini Skirts and Dresses

In several episodes, Hazel appears in short mini skirts/dresses for a more feminine, sexy appeal as she joins her two friends, Daisy (Rachel Kan) and Mabel (Catherine Chau) for bar hopping, drinks, games with men. While Hazel’s mini skirts were quite plain, a few studs here and there may spike up the simplicity.

Corset Boots

At the height of 5’5, an over-the-knee boot in heels may have gave the actress greater posture, confidence, and height. Although these knee-high boots with lace may seem to take forever to put on, the rocker chic look isn’t complete until you own a pair.

Short Hair and Long Side Bangs

For a semi-feminine look, the producer kindly requested Charmaine to cut her hair for this series. Despite the short hair, those long side bangs that she swipe leftwards each time she is under stress and agony is another signature action of Hazel.

Black Smokey Eye

The perfect makeup look can enhance everything that you’ve worked so hard to put together to form this look: a black smokey eye and intense eyeliner. Check out some amazing smokey eye tutorials on YouTube to create the dramatic, perfect look.


Accessories aren’t the biggest part of her wardrobe, but every now and then, she is spotted wearing long dangling rings of necklaces. If you are uncomfortable wearing such exaggerated pieces, just go for something simple and cool and that will still do.

What do you think?

Do you own her style? Or like me, you are only a partial rocker chic?

Although you may not wear her style, what do you think of Charmaine’s rocker chic  look in When Heaven Burns? It is definitely one of the pluses for this slow-paced drama although I am slowly seeing that her pieces are recycled too much as I watch more episodes.


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