Red Carpet: TVB Anniversary Awards Presentation Show 2011

At TVB’s Anniversary Awards every year is where we can find TVB’s prettiest investments looking their best in preparation to be rewarded for their hard work, dedication to the company and entertainment industry and if lucky, for their merit and talent.

Myolie Wu – Black Swan

Being the star of the awards ceremony show that evening, Myolie also strolled the red carpet with the most daring dress of the evening. A low-cut long black dress with a swan-like wing at the bottom, she finished her look with her short hair gelled to the back.

Nancy Wu – White Swan

Due to the her close friendship with the star who championed three awards that evening, Nancy is often known as the fourth sister in the Wu family. In contrast to Myolie’s black swan look, Nancy rocked the evening with a similar low-cut white swan-like gown. To balance the innocence of the whiteness, she graced the human swan with red lips and her hair pulled back to create a sleek feminine, Oscar-worthy look!

Linda Chung – Princess Perfection

Linda radiated extraordinary glamour in her low-cut Barney Cheng dress with golden sequins on the top and a long silky chiffon bottom. With yellow dangling earrings, her perfectly structured curls, she completed her look with a dash of boldness by swiping on a red lip.

Sharon Chan – Drama Queen

Initially, I was a bit disappointed that both Myolie and Sharon, who left the ceremony with their favorite awards that evening, both wore black. In her low-cut black gown, fully showing her bare legs, Sharon looked absolutely gorgeous! We are all a bit bored of her leg split dresses in which she only reveals half of one leg at every anniversary, this time she displays her full 43-inch legs in celebration of taking home the Best Supporting Actress award and her ten years of hard work in the entertainment circle!

Tavia Yeung – Silver Blues

Although the three best dressed ladies were taken by Myolie, Nancy, and Linda that evening, Tavia still glowed with elegance in her choice of a deep-V, plunging-back silver, pale blue gown. The simplistic nature of the floral gown is a good match to her short hair, generating an overall (too?) mature look.

Kate Tsui – Safe in Classic

It is hard to ever go wrong in wearing black and white although I’m not sure whether I like the gelled back sleek hair. It reminds me of someone who just came back from the pool.

Fala Chen – Sexy Nude

Although the plunging neckline shouldn’t be anything surprising from Fala, the high low style of the dress is definitely something left to be desired.

Selena Li – White Glamour

Selena’s white silky gown was a safe choice yet it suited her sweet personality perfectly. However, at the height of 5’5, I have reservations whether she can pass without any criticisms with the leg split since there were comments that claimed her legs where not thin enough — and sadly, in which I couldn’t overlook either.

Aimee Chan – Little Bit of Lace

Either Aimee has her unique fashion sense in which we shouldn’t her choice of dresses just because it’s not something we would wear or it’s just not mainstream fashion. Surprisingly, her choice of a black lace top and nude chiffon dress did not generate a big reaction from me this time. Perhaps it’s due to the low expectations from her? While I like lace on its own and I adore the color on it’s own, the sudden sharp contrast between the two is something left to be desired. However, overall she still appeared cute with her happy-go-lucky confidence!

Sire Ma – Simplistic Ruffles

Lacking a sponsor? Anyone else finds Sire’s pink dress too plain, outdated, and lacking personality? Well, she definitely won’t have to worry after this year. Winning the Vastly Improved Actress this year will certainly bring more public attention to this petite actress.

Jue: Who do you think is the best dressed at TVB’s Awards Ceremony this year? It certainly is the time of the year in which artists truly take the time out of their busy schedules to look the best, and this is especially true for those who has a higher chance in winning an award, making sure that they look their best during their thank-you speeches and tearful moments!


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