Myolie Wu: Autumn Colors Mustard Yellow and Royal Blue

Being one of TVB’s top actresses and a favorable contender for the highly sought after TVB Best Actress award this year, Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒) fashion sense has been evolving throughout these years of being in the public spotlight. Her spunky and playful side has usually been portrayed through her wearing of animal prints, especially leopard. On the other hand, her investment in more classic pieces such as the one above exhibit her more safe and diligent side in which she is hesitant in risking her career by making any stupid moves.

For the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival in which the actress attended on this day with fellow colleague and actress Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Myolie appeared in a deep V, long sleeve mustard yellow dress and royal blue pumps. Her growing bangs was spun up in a voluminous puff which gave the overall look a touch of authority. Isn’t the ambitious star aiming for TVB’s top sister spot too?

Jue: Absolutely love the combination of mustard yellow and royal blue. I’ve been searching for a comfortable, yet stylish royal blue piece for a while. Would you go royal blue for a top or jeans/jeggings?


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