Ava Liu in White Tank Dress

One of Hong Kong’s new generation of singers and YouTube makeup guru, Ava Liu (羽翹) appeared at a Samsung Galaxy S II promotional event on this day wearing a white tank dress. A detailed brown skinny belt with a black buckle was loosely tied to her waist to give the dress some shape. As autumn has just arrived, she adorned a leaf necklace to match the new season. Finally, to give her her outfit a pop of color, she chose pink peep-toe ankle boots.

Jue: I’m usually against matching dresses with boots; however, Ava’s choice of pink ankle boots gave a feminine feel and they actually made a simple outfit very cute!


5 thoughts on “Ava Liu in White Tank Dress

  1. LOL, the boot-collection girl is against matching dresses with boots. I had always thought that Ava had pale-looking skin. Does that make her look less good in white. But agree, I think she carried the dress well.


    1. There’s always that styling tip that says if you’re dark-skinned, wear white and vice versa. However, I think Ava looked very pretty in the dress and her skin color did not bother me. 🙂 Her hair might have looked better down though.


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