Myolie Wu: Four Ways to Wear a Maxi Skirt


On four separate days, TVB rising actress and this year’s rumored upcoming TV Queen Myolie Wu uploaded four different pictures of herself sporting a maxi skirt in four different colors: red, blue, neon green, and baby pink.

The maxi skirt has been a popular trend among celebrities and fashionistas in the last few years. The maxi skirt is a good-fit for people with long legs and appears to be a comfortable, laid back, yet statement piece.

To match these skirts, Myolie had on various tops. On the first occasion where she wore the red maxi skirt, she paired it with a black and white strips shirt and a white grapes sandal. With the blue maxi skirt, she had on a striped blouse. With the green maxi, it was a plain white jacket. On the final occasion, the pink skirt was paired with a plain black jacket.

Would you wear a maxi skirt in these bright colors?


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