Christian Dior White Gown: Li Bing Bing vs. Charmaine Sheh

CharmaineSheh_LiBingBing_Christian Dior White Gown

Famous Chinese actress and singer Li Bing Bing and former TVB actress Charmaine Sheh appeared on the red carpet in a white Christian Dior gown for the 46th Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards in 2009 and the Seoul International Drama Awards in 2011, respectively. This elegant dress was from Christian Dior’s Fall 2007 Ready-to-Wear collection.

The silky smooth designer gown had some delicate detail on the chest area, giving the dress a tone without being too boring. Li Bing Bing paired her dress with a white clutch and an elegant emerald necklace, which gave off an feminine oriental feel. The actress also won best dressed for the red carpet event that evening for her choice of gown.

Charmaine, on the other hand, decided to attend the event without any diamonds or accessories. Bored much?

While Li Bing Bing is clearly the winner here, both actresses wore this gown better than the runway model, who appeared short in the dress. Her choice of black gowns also gave me a not-so-pleasant feel. Finally, wearing her hair up like Bing Bing was the best choice.


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