Zebra Print Jumpsuit: Fala Chen vs. Sire Ma


On two separate occasions, TVB rising actresses Fala Chen and Sire Ma were spotted wearing a low-cut zebra print jumpsuit. Perhaps its due to the warm weather in Hong Kong, but the jumpsuit piece appears to be many HK celebrities go-to piece for the summer. The jumpsuit is a one-piece garment that is comfortable and casual, but the zebra print here gives off an air of confidence and personality just like the animal itself.

The jumpsuit is a clothing item that looks great on many tall, slender, and confident women like Fala, but may also come across as trying too hard to be on top if worn on a petite model like Sire. Perhaps she is too anxious to become a TVB leading actress like Fala, but she is trying too hard to make a statement.

Jue: I’ve noticed Sire tends to dress up in outfits that are unfit for her body size. She should stay away from jumpsuits, but if she likes the style, try a romper instead. The jumpsuit appeared to be hanging on her body and is equivalent to the Chinese phrase, “it’s the clothing wearing the person, not the person wearing the clothing.”


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