Red Carpet: Mr. Hong Kong Pageant Show 2011

Every year a large group of beautiful ladies, including TVB actresses, HK supermodels and pseudo-models, new singers, wealthy and successful elite and their daughters, and previous Miss Hong Kong champions act as the female judges for the annual Mr. Hong Kong show. Let’s take a look at how these celebrities appeared that evening…

Cleavage Queens

Previous Miss Hong Kong second runner-up and now TVB actress, Koni Lui has become one of TVB’s cleavage queens along with Samantha Ko, who competed in the same pageant in 2008 and won Miss Tourism Ambassador. Last year the siren wore an extremely revealing fiery red dress and even received complaints from the audiences for an inappropriate dress. However, with the number of opportunities extending from film offers to numerous endorsements she received overnight, it is no wonder Koni would ignore the complaints and wore a similar plunging-neckline dress in nude color for the red carpet. To pacify the more conservative audiences, she switched to a deep V long floral gown, which was less revealing of her chest.

Just like last year, Samantha sported another shimmery red gown with heavy diamond jewelries for the red carpet. While the style of her gown is rather plain, she was able to pull it off with her curvaceous body figure and height.

A Streak of Sexiness

Pseudo-model Alice B wore a hot pink back-revealing long gown and brown heels for the event, showing a streak of sexiness on her back.

With her pair of killer 43-inch legs, MC Sharon Chan wore a low-cut hot fiery red dress which revealed her beautiful legs. HK model and MC for the competition, Jacqueline Chong wore a white gown with diamond studs and successfully revealed her hourglass figure. Also, Jacqueline’s hair which was rounded up in a polished bun was preferably smart compared to Sharon’s long black wavy curls.

We’re the Goddesses!

Either Griselda Yeung, Sherry Chen, and Queenie Chu were too excited to attend the competition or they purposely over-dressed to grab headlines. While their dresses in the shades of baby pink, bright red, and shimmery white (respectively) were beautiful and would have been appropriate if they had the opportunity to attend an awards ceremony, their dresses were a bit too much for competition with a fun and flirty atmosphere on a summer night. Furthermore, Griselda’s long pulled-back ponytail reminds me of Ada Choi in Fly With Me.

Miss Hong Kong 2010

Absolutely adored Lisa Chong’s block-colored dress. The colors black, turquoise, and blue were cool and the V-shape neckline gave away a hint of sexiness without revealing too much. Sammi Cheung, who appeared in an orange summer dress with white florals, was also sweet. For an event like this, I found Phoebe Pang’s black too boring and Crystal Li’s red too much. Nevertheless, I love Phoebe’s brown-hair.

The Unfit

Sire Ma, who has a petite body, should have worn a simple low-cut mini dress instead of trying to stand out in her covered-up white gown. The red lipstick is also a mismatch for the full whiteness. It was a distasteful choice and an ill-fit for her body and young personality.

Carol Cheng who has been a MC for the competition ever since its first year (in 2005) wore a long gown in a shade of reddish purple, which made her look older and more unattractive than she is. Many ladies of the wealthy elite took the “safe” route and chose black; Isabella Kau was no exception, but her black summer dress with florals showed more of a body figure than the rest. Her two daughters, Lydia Tong and Fiona Tong, were trying too hard to appear classy and glamorous perhaps, but a low-cut mini summer dress would have flattered their hot bodies much more than a heavy dress with lace and bows, which seemed too much for this occasion.

Jue: Low-cut mini dresses, whether simple or elaborated with extra detail, are suitable for this event for the young and beautiful ladies. This this event takes place over the summer (usually in late July or early August), it is best to take a simple, yet elegant approach. I understand Koni’s desire to such a revealing and sexy gown as it is a quick and easy way to standout and make the headlines, but it would have been more appropriate for a more significant event like an awards ceremony.

Perhaps Samantha had jewelry sponsors, but simple and light jewelry is best here!

Which celebrity you think looked best that night? My personal favorite was Lisa Chong’s blue and turquoise short dress and Koni’s silky nude dress!


2 thoughts on “Red Carpet: Mr. Hong Kong Pageant Show 2011

  1. Crystal’s dress reminds me of a prom dress. Don’t have a fav, but if i have to choose I’ll pick Jacqueline’s. She looks prepared and powerful with that updo and the collar from her dress showed off a great amount of cleavage.


    1. For some reason, many MHK-turned-actresses like to turn to prom-style dresses for many red carpet events. Perhaps without a budget, they’re cheaper and it’s something they can afford. Not everyone can get sponsors.


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