TV Fashion: How to Dress Like Kate Tsui in “Lives of Omission”

Paris Yiu, played by Kate Tsui in Lives of Omission, is Michael’s (Bosco Wong) on-again-off-again girlfriend. However, what’s most important here is that she is an aspiring, ambitious, conniving, and would exploit all means to help her guilty clients with a jail free card! However, that said, this post, neither aims to analyze her personality elements nor teach you how to become such a cold-hearted woman, but how to stand out fashionably. Yep, just like her desire to stand out among other rising new lawyers, she chooses to stand apart from others with a unique fashionable sense!

Paris Yiu Style

Paris’s style in a professional world is more than the same old, boring neutral colors of black and white. Her style is neat, polished, colorful, but most importantly, brings out a girly and more relaxed feel in the world of lawyers who are always dealing with depressing cases and reading boring legal jargon!

White Button-down Shirts

Everyone should have a few of these white-collared or non-collared white shirts in their wardrobe. White mix and matches with everything and if you are going to add pops of color like Paris does in her outfits, this is a must-have.

Personally, I prefer non-collared white shirts, especially in the summer. Petite figures would look best without the collar. Furthermore, non-collared shirts are more comfortable, but I would probably pick one out which has a bit of design. One that’s doesn’t have a lot going on, but enough to make you not look boring.

Bright Cashmere Cardigans

These are the signature item of Paris’s professional look. From pink, peach, teal, red, to yellow, notice that she never wears the boring black or gray blazer to finish her look.

Black and Colored Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are a must-have for the professional world, whether you are giving a presentation or interviewing for a new job. Instead of wearing the typical black pants, women are luckier in the sense that they can dress up themselves in a pencil skirt.

Also, shorter and more petite woman look better in a pencil skirt than just black pants. It gives out a cute vibe.

Skinny Belts

These belts add a bit of dimension to the outfit. Get something plain, but still elegant. Brown, nude, and black are good colors to invest in.

Five-Inch Pumps

You never see Paris in flats although they can be appropriate for work if you find the right ones. Heels are the way to go! Just like her character who wants to climb to the top, she five-inch pumps tower above everyone else.

Paris was spotted wearing pumps in many colors: nude, shimmery navy blue, black, white, etc. Nude and black heels are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

Large Handbag

Paris might or might not use her large handbag as her work bag as well. However, she has several bags that comes in different colors. (Although we don’t know if it’s designer style, I would definitely recommend one.)

Nerdy Glasses

(She is thinking hard in this one!)

Here is the cute side of Paris. The typical Asian style of nerdy glasses. She is spotted wearing them every time her laptop is turned on and her files are open. This means serious business, so these glasses makes it very obvious that she is working hard!


Because cell phones are everywhere these days, I don’t know if people still remember watches. But even if the watch doesn’t work anymore, it can make a statement or act as an accessory.

Upgrading Her Day Look to a Night Look

For our night life, we want to see something more fun, with more color. Because of the many pops of color in Paris’s outfit, she gives off the vibe of being fun. If you don’t have the time to go back and change, her white shirt/cardigan and pink pencil skirt would make a good outfit for a dinner date.

What do you think?

Work can be routine and boring, but who says your outfit needs to follow those rules? Spice up your outfit for work not only for yourself, but also for those around you. With the proper confidence, it makes one seem more excited for their day to unfold. Lastly, the bright pops of color can even freshen up one’s mind and maintain a perspective for the rest of the day.

Which is your favorite Paris outfit?

Jue: My favorite one is the white shirt/cardigan with a pink pencil skirt. It looks sexy on her. I also love the teal cardigan outfit.


2 thoughts on “TV Fashion: How to Dress Like Kate Tsui in “Lives of Omission”

  1. My favorite outfit is where she was wearing a red pencil shirt and yellow cardi. Sooo daring! Wearing bright colors can not only spice up your regular work outfit, but it can also make yourself look more awake!


  2. I think this is my favorite post by far! This is what I call “Jue Inspired”. Haha. It’s so refreshing to read especially the “Upgrading Her Day Look to a Night Look” part. That is what every Hong Konger craves to improve on.


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